Pauline Julier is an artist and filmmaker. She explores the links that humans create with their environment through stories, rituals, knowledge and images. Her films and installations are composed of elements of diverse origins (documentary, theoretical, fictional) to restitute the complexity of our relationship to the world. 


"How do we transmit culture from one generation to the next ? How can we orient ourselves in time and space ? It is never an easy task. Especially for those who used to call themselves “Moderns” or “post-moderns”, because they always have an uneasy relation with tradition and inheritance. are they not supposed to break away with tradition, so as to free themselves from the weight of the past ? But free for what ? Pauline Julier stages how every generation has to raise such a question anew." Bruno Latour, Reset Modernity! Exhibition in ZKM Karlsruhe, 2016


Her installations and films have been screened in contemporary art centers, institutions and festivals around the world, including the Center Pompidou (Paris), Loop (Barcelona), Visions du Réel (Nyon), Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo), Museum of Modern Art in Tanzania, Geneva Art Center, Palazzo Grassi (Venice), New York, Madrid, Berlin, Zagreb, Cinémathèque de Toronto and the Pera Museum in Istanbul. Julier had a solo exhibition at the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris (CCS) in 2017. She completed a year-long residency in Rome in 2020 at the Istituto Svizzero, and her film "Naturales Historiae" has been shown online on Her film "Way Beyond", premiered in competition at Visions du Reel Festival and has been in theatres in Switzerland in fall 2022. She received the Swiss Art Award 2021 in Basel and had a big installation in the Insitute of Contemporary Art in Villeurbanne (FR- february 2022). MEADOW, her latest artist book has just been published by Roma Publications Amsterdam. She is currently working on her next institutional monographic show which will take place in Switzerland in 2024.




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Naturales Historiae & Way Beyond are available on Filmingo


Way Beyond is on view on Tenk


Focus on Documents d'artistes Genève

with two new texts by Philippe Azoury and Chus Martinez